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People with disabilities also have right and ability to be productive members of society. We specialize in working with intellectually challenged individuals in a professional working environment. Contact us for more information about the services we can offer you

Marina Kalnitski

SIA Program Director

Li Jian

SIA Education Program Coordinator

Our Curriculum

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  • The concept of Inclusive Employment
    History of rehabilitation
    Ethical principles
    Social interaction with disabilities
    local & global Trends
  • Tools for vocational rehabilitation
  • Legal framework for social and vocational rehabilitation

Psychological aspects in training people with disabilities

  • Disorders
    Emotional, motivational and social disorders
    Psychometrics and psychosomatic disorders

  • Communication methods
  • Identifying and preventing conflicts

Recruitment & Assessment of people with disabilities

  • Selection criteria and methods for selecting the trainees with disabilities
    Initial assessment phase: how to conduct a large scale assessment and evaluation center for potential candidates once the project was lunched

  • Planning and implementing of the training under rehabilitation specific conditions

Pedagogic and didactic aspects of training people with disabilities

  • Different aspects of learning and learning disabilities
    Manifestations and causes of learning disabilities, learning disorders and learning difficulties

  • Identify competencies and draw up development plans
  • Target group specific teaching and methodology

Medical and diagnostical aspects in training young people with disabilities

  • Diagnostic classifications (CD-10 Chapter V: Mental and behavioral disorders)
    The Chinese Diagnostic classifications system
  • Intervention Techniques
  • Special technical solutions

Internship at the Taicang Special Education School - work and learn in an special education environment

  • Introduction to Special Education Environment and Institutions
    History of special education system, Legal rights to services, Effective instruction for students with disabilities, Instructional Strategies, Accommodations.
  • Practical experience working in a special education classroom

Interdisciplinary project work

  • Requirements for sheltered workshops
    Understanding the basic requirements for establishing a sheltered workshop
  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Business Management

Industrial sciences and pedagogical work aspects in training of people with disabilities

  • Training of people with disabilities – main considerations
    Work Safety and 5S
    Configuration of working processes
    Considering different type of disabilities and related restrictions

  • Required skills and knowledge for a Job Coach

Inclusion Advisory - Social Entrepreneurship

  • How to establish & lead a social Business
    Understanding target group, getting your Stakeholders on Board, the importance of Government Relations… 
  • Social Impact
  • CSR Seminar

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